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Street intelligence: see what your peers are thinking.


100% virtual 5.7%
50% virtual, 50% by phone 11.4%
50% virtual, 50% in person 74.3%
100% in person 0%
Other 8.6%

September 10 2021

How do you anticipate future client meetings to be conducted moving forward?

The majority of Advisors think it will be a hybrid of virtual and in-person meetings! To brush up on your virtual tactics, read wholesaler Sanjay Singla’s insider tips on how to differentiate yourself with a polished and professional online approach. Need more? Read “Embracing a Virtual COI Strategy” by Ben Jones, Head of Intermediary Distribution.


Planning/ Estate 31.3%
Alternative for GICs 12.5%
To help guarantee RIFF Income 6.3%
For clients looking for assured outcomes 18.8%
Creditor protection 6.3%
I have never used Seg Funds 25%

August 27, 2021

What role do segregated funds play in your business?

It’s estate planning for most. For Advisors looking to expand their business and bring new, value-add solutions to their clients, read Richard Poulin’s article on the “estate wedge” strategy and how it works to help achieve estate goals and protect against potentially compromising scenarios through segregated funds.


Planning tools 22.2%
Fund ideas and PM insights 38.9%
Practice management tips 22.2%
ESG integration strategies 16.7%
Other 0%

August 13, 2021

What resources are most useful for your practice?

Fund ideas and PM insights! To learn more on strategies to build a balanced, resilient portfolio, check out our Top Fund Ideas and PM Corner
sections for direct access to our managers’ latest commentary and trade tips.


How their current investments rank from an ESG perspective 26.7%
How do ESG criteria impact investment decisions and portfolio construction 6.7%
How would portfolio allocations have differed over the past year if ESG hadn’t been factored into the investment decision-making process? 20%
I haven’t discussed ESG with my clients 40%
Other 6.7%

July 30, 2021

What about ESG interests your clients?

According to the results, most Advisors haven’t discussed ESG with their clients. We can help! To integrate broader ESG themes and engage in deeper, quality conversations, BMO Global Asset Management has developed the digital MyESGTM quiz. Requiring just 2 minutes of a client’s time, the quiz yields insightful information on their ESG values, drawn from statistical analysis on investor beliefs and behaviours. Together with our Quick Start Guide to the ESG Advisor Toolkit and Discussion Guide, these practical resources help to segment your clients, and frame conversations accordingly, with relevant talking points, cues, power tips and FAQ answers. It’s also an innovative way for you to proactively introduce ESG if it hasn’t come up already!


Save time 21.2%
Lower client costs 9.1%
Bring in net new assets 54.5%
Increase revenue on existing assets 15.2%
Other 0%

July 12, 2021

In the next 3 months, a business partner can add the most value by helping with actionable strategies to...

Bring in net new assets! Nearly 55% of Advisors said that is where partners can add the most value. For help with virtual prospecting, and growing your business online, explore BMO Global Asset Management's tailor-made LinkedIn guide for the "Always On Advisor" - featuring step-by-step instructions on new features.


I am active on social media by posting on trends in the industry. 10%
I use tools to monitor my activity. 13.3%
I create my own content that is relevant to my clients and target audience. 23.3%
I do not have a social media presence but I am interested in learning more. 36.7%
Other 16.7%

June 18, 2021

How would you describe your social media presence for your practice?

A whopping 37% of Advisors said they are not active on social media, but are interested in learning more! For help connecting with clients online, listen to our exclusive 3-Part, Advisor Virtual Event Series featuring Sarano Kelley, which includes a dedicated webinar on building relationships through social.


I believe CAD is currently overvalued and I see an opportunity to benefit from a possible reversal (USD appreciation) 33.3%
I like the reduced volatility and downside protection typically provided by unhedged USD exposure 13.7%
I’m not trying to predict currency movements. I believe it is a zero sum game over the long term. 45.1%
Other: 7.8%

June 4, 2021

When choosing an unhedged exposure to USD, what is the main reason behind your decision?

According to the results, 45% of Advisors said they are not trying to predict currency movements, while 33% said they believed the Canadian dollar was overvalued and they saw an opportunity to benefit from a possible reversal. To learn more about our comprehensive suite of unhedged USD exposures, contact your BMO Global Asset Management Regional Representative, and explore our newest fund in the field – BMO U.S. All Cap Equity Fund – managed by Brian Belski.


Finding growth 22.2%
Sourcing income 8.3%
Inflation risk 36.1%
Market valuations 8.3%
Reducing volatility 16.7%
Other 8.3%

April 19, 2021

What are you focused on with client portfolios now?

Inflation risk is the biggest concern right now for Advisors – and clients. For fund ideas to actively manage this, check out our ETF Portfolios, and read more about how they use our Five Lenses philosophy here.


Reducing volatility 16.7%
Fixed income 22.2%
ESG-focused funds 30.6%
Canadian equities 13.9%
Segregated Funds/GIFs 5.6%
Other 11.1%

April 15, 2021

What portfolio strategies would you like to explore further?

ESG-focused funds were the answer of the day! To learn more about our 30+ year responsible investing heritage, and our dedicated ESG funds, browse through our new ESG hub for new information, and related tools and resources.


Social media marketing 15.4%
Niche client segments 23.1%
Buying or selling a book of business 26.9%
Estate and succession planning 11.5%
Referral strategies 15.4%
Other 7.7%

March 14, 2021

What practice management topics would you like to read about?

Buying or selling a book of business! That’s no surprise based on our website metrics. Delve into our Advisor Stories section for articles on the popular topic including, Buying Book After Book: A Strategic Growth Story and From One Book, to Three: Making Every Transition Count articles.


Yes, I have all the resources I need to start 18.4%
Yes, but I require additional training 24.5%
No, but I’m willing to learn 46.9%
I’m not interested 6.1%
Other 4.1%

March 9, 2021

Do you feel equipped to deploy a LinkedIn strategy for business building?

An overwhelming number of Advisors polled said they don’t feel LinkedIn-ready, but are willing to learn. For help navigating this social media outlet, read our article that features author, trainer and coach Sarano Kelley, who breaks down his comprehensive process for generating leads through LinkedIn. To get further ahead, explore BMO Global Asset Management’s tailor-made LinkedIn guide for Advisors.

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