The Missing Piece Between Equities and Fixed Income

Introducing the BMO Strategic Equity Yield Fund from our new Convergence investing suite—a unique offering that replicates an exposure of structured notes to complement your traditional balanced portfolio.

Elevate your investment solutions.

Advisors have an age-old problem. Clients need higher income to fulfill their investment goals, yet are sensitive to market volatility.
Our solution: Convergence investing.

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Convergence investing,

Convergence investing aims to democratize access to capital markets solutions. Our mission is to provide investors with sophisticated, defined-outcome investment tools in the format of a traditional mutual fund.

Our core offering, the BMO Strategic Equity Yield Fund, brings the power of structured notes into a managed solution available to all Investment Advisors.

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Okay. Tell me more about structured notes.

Structured notes are hybrid investments engineered to achieve a specific investment outcome. With the BMO Strategic Equity Yield Fund, the goal is to replicate an exposure that blends the properties of equities and fixed income. To land somewhere in the middle, offering higher potential returns than a standard bond fund with a risk rating lower than the usual basket of stocks.

Right in the sweet spot.

Notes to match clients’ needs.

Broadly speaking, structured notes fall on a spectrum between income and growth.

The BMO Strategic Equity Yield Fund will focus on replicating exposure to notes focused on income generation, while also maintaining contingent downside protection. Our dedicated team of structured product professionals seeks to achieve above market returns and exposure to North American and/or global equity markets through the use of derivatives and/or structured products.

The secret sauce: autocallable notes.

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Canada’s wealthiest investors have used structured notes for decades1. Now you can, too.

The process of managing a portfolio of structured notes can be expensive and time-consuming for Advisors. Hundreds of hours may be spent analyzing strike prices, yields, risk barriers and buffers—time that could be spent with clients.

The BMO Strategic Equity Yield Fund makes it simple and stress-free to replicate that exposure, putting a whole new asset class within reach.

Monthly Cash Flow Contingent Downside Protection Time Savings Diversification Experienced Managers

We’re one of the only asset managers in Canada with a dedicated team for structured products.

We have established the first in-house division for Convergence investing in Canada. Our team is composed of highly tenured experts with a combined 100+ years of experience in capital markets. Led by BMO Global Asset Management CEO Bill Bamber and Head of Synthetic Asset Management, Sara Petrcich, the specialized group will continue to build defined-outcome investment products that enhance traditional asset allocation.

Bill Bamber
Bill Bamber CFA, MBA, MMA
Chief Executive Officer,
BMO Global Asset Management
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Sara Petrcich
Sara Petrcich
Managing Director and Head of Synthetic Asset Management,
BMO Global Asset Management
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Get the Final Puzzle Piece

Markets are evolving fast—and investors need every tool available to meet their investment outcomes. To assist with your client conversations, request your resource package for the BMO Strategic Equity Yield Fund.

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