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Top 10 Most Read Advisor Business-Building Ideas of 2021

As the year comes to a close, Sam DiTella shares our Best of 2021 Advisor Business Building Strategies. In this article he will review insights and practice-management ideas that resonated most with your peers across Canada.

December 2021

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Sam DiTella

Managing Director, Head of Intermediary and National Accounts

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During a year like no other, we paid particular attention to expanding our Business-Building content to reflect your real-world challenges – from breaking down CFRs…to addressing the impact of COVID on retirement planning… to offering up virtual prospecting techniques for a physically-distanced environment. So, as 2021 comes to a close, what better time for a look back at the ideas that resonated most with your peers across Canada.

A countdown of YOUR top 10

Here are 10 short must-reads bound to have a big impact on your business in the year ahead.

#10 Happy clients. Lower fees. Smooth returns. Check. Read Time: 5 minutes

A closer look at a strategy that checks all the boxes: lower cost, diversified, tax efficient, simplified and timesaving… so Advisors can focus on returns and the relationship.

#9 A LinkedIn Lead Strategy that Works Read Time: 4 minutes

Digital-first prospecting tips from author/coach Sarano Kelly. A workable step-by-step solution – even for the social media averse. (Includes event replay links, and resources like our Tailor-made guide for the “Always-on Advisor”)

#8 A Referral Strategy to Get Excited About Read Time: 6.5 minutes

How to grow organically with a seamless approach that makes the task easy, efficient and not at all awkward.(Includes two practical scripts and a downloadable “household review template”)

#7 Retirement Planning in the Age of COVID Read Time: 5.5 minutes

An industry expert frames some of the toughest conversations about aging and legacy to have emerged from the pandemic as an opportunity for Advisors to lead and better connect with clients.

#6 A Can’t-Miss Opportunity to Future Proof Your Business Read Time: 6.5 minutes

With 70% of recent widows switching Advisors (at an average age of only 56 in Canada!)1 are you connecting with your female clients, deepening those relationships, and “keeping it real”?

#5 ESG Themes Your Clients Are Talking About Read Time: 5.5 minutes

If your clients aren’t asking you about themes like climate change, diversity and inclusion and labour standards – given how mainstream responsible investing has become – they soon will.

#4 Tax Changes That Could Affect Your HNW Clients Read Time: 7 minutes

A primer on proposed tax measures that could impact your business-owner and high-net-worth clients in 2022. (Includes a pro tip to consider BEFORE January, and a corporate tax checklist)

#3 Tax Tips for an Extraordinary Year Read Time: 8 minutes

The second top-10 entry by tax expert John Waters covers COVID relief measures, home office deductions, and year-round tips. (Includes a calendar link with 6 key DECEMBER tax tips)

#2 The Estate Wedge: A New Way to Build Value Read Time: 7 minutes

How to implement a simple estate planning strategy to generate referrals, gather new assets, increase revenue and strengthen relationships. (Includes 7 benefits to discuss with your clients)

And the #1 resource in our “Best of 2021,” according to Advisors…

#1 CFRs: 5 changes you need to know about Read Time: 5.5 minutes

It may be no surprise that the #1 business-building resource of 2021 features know-your-product (KYP) prominently in its focus on what Advisors need to know to prepare for CFRs. (Ask about our NEW KYP tool!)

The results are in

In a recent poll, when asked “What resources are most useful for your practice” more than 44% of respondents collectively focused on 2 key areas found in our Business-Building section – planning tools and practice management tips. In addition, Advisors will also find a wealth of practical (and ease-to-implement) ideas in four main categories: Referral Strategies, Financial Planning, Portfolio Insights, Client Management).

For a robust Mutual Fund search, Top Fund Ideas, PM insights, Advisor Stories, and an ESG hub, explore BMO Fund Central. For strategies and insights to further enrich your practice, contact your BMO Global Asset Management Regional Sales Representative.

1 Financial Planning Standards Council Study, 2018.

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